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      Tony Graham

      There were comments at the range as to how well Brady handles a rifle. I appreciate the comments. Attached are a few photos of him pulling the trigger. 2 pics of him fireforming brass for me and 1 picture of him shooting at 1,000 yards for the first time, age 5. I did start him young.

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      I like the make shift seat he’s got…lol. I was very impressed with him and the way he handled his gun. Hope he will become a regular at RB. if we get too many of these kids, we may as well stay home. Just kidding, I love to see these youngsters out here with us. I hope this us something that Ad and I will do together for a long time.

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      Wynne Echols

      Tony, I was so proud of Brady[Derrick to] and look forward ya’ll returning to Reese Bottom. Like Dan said, I have way over spent trying to create a solid set up. I had technical difficulties with the spreadsheet and your column for some reason got deleted. Maybe we will both have better luck next time. Hope to see you soon. WWE

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