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      Wynne Echols

      Bar 3 Shooting Range in Laurel, MS has canceled the scheduled 1000 yard IBS sanctioned Matches 1 & 2 this Saturday due to construction problems caused by wet weather. I was asked earlier today to pass this along.

      Doug Pugh and I actually shot some this morning up on top of the hill. Doug said this was the first time he had shot 1000 yards and I think he was pleasantly surprised how well the 6mmBR shot. WWE

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      Doug Pugh

      I was very surprised with the way I shot more than the 6br. I knew the gun was capable I just wasn’t sure I was. Thanks again Mr. Wynne for helping me get it all figured out and get a decent group on paper. I can’t wait to get to a match now and use what I learned at 1000 for all the distances I normally shoot at.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      6br, 105 hybrid, 2900+ is a great 1000 round. Sarah took hers to Laurel and scored a 1st round hit in the 9 ring with no previous experience at any distance past 600. As good as you shoot the 600 yard matches your gonna dominate at 1000 Doug!

      They are having a 1000 F-class next weekend we are thinking about going so maybe we will see you there.

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