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      brett collins

      I picked up my new 308 rifle from Britt Jones Saturday and all I can say is wow that man knows his stuff I am very impressed with his level of work and attention to detail
      I also had a tour of his shop with all of his new equipment it was very impressive

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      Britt now all you have to do is learn to control the recoil on that new rifle, the 308 with a 200.20X is a lot worst than the 6BR. I hoping my new 308 will be ready soon.

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      brett collins

      SIRRELL yes the 308 has more recoil but that is just a mental thing that one has to overcome

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      Wynne Echols

      You guys are going to force me to make out a new Christmas wish list. 80 grains pushed by 23 grains has been passed by. Thanks fellows, WWE

      What about a bench rest only Reese Bottom? lol

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      My new 308 should be ready before long, but I’m planning on shooting the 6br a hole lot more.

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      brett collins

      MR SURELL I am going to start my load development with the 185 Hybrid and work my way up to the 200 20x do you have any recommendations that you could share with me

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      Lapua Palma brass and the br primer and for the load I run 42.0 grains of Varget for the 185 at 2655fps and 42.0 Varget at 2600fps with the 200.20X. I talk to a guy that was running the F-Class team chamber and he was at 42.5 or 43.5 of Varget with the 200.20X at 2650 or 2700fps not real sure and sometimes these people will steer you wrong on their load. But I have heard with the F-Class team reamer you can get some where around 2650 to 2750fps with a 31″ or 32″ barrel.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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