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      Wynne Echols

      August 2017 at Reese Bottom is in the books. Cade made the ‘Home Page’ with his ‘Gunny Pot’ win, there are random photos from today on the ‘Photo Page’ and the results are posted on the ‘Results Page’. Enjoy!!! Thanks to all for your support of the Reese Bottom matches and I think the future is bright because of you good shooters and the amount of interested observers. Several mentioned to me today before they left at how nice everyone is. Congrats to Doug Pugh for his third place finish today. Good to see him back on the top half of the chart and I apologize that you mechanical guys did not get to beat me up today. I guess I should have loaded my bullets earlier in the week. Happy to report that the Mrs. got home late this afternoon. Weak and very sore. I prepared her some toast, grits, and scrambled eggs and she seems to be out for the night. Thanks again for your support and hope to see many of you good shooters on the third Saturday in September as we get back to some mid range prone shooting. WWE

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      It was good to see Richard and Freddy come out this morning. I had a good time just getting back shooting a match after having the neck surgery, I did not shoot as well as I should have but had fun and it’s just good to be back in the shooting game.

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      Jeff Fish

      I would like to say thank Wynne for still carrying on with the match when he had every reason not to. With very little sleep and a lot on his mind, we still had a successful, pretty smooth match with quite a few new shooters. Once again, I appreciate the time and effort you and everyone puts into making these matches what they are. I am extremely grateful.

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      Hey Jeff I couldn’t had said that any better, thank you Mr. Wynne and family.

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