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      Wynne Echols

      August was a great month at Reese Bottom with one of the largest crowds ever. Twenty four guns, several new shooters, 4 female shooters, and good conditions. There is a nice 4 X 8 of Brett Collins on the home page, several random photos on the photo page and unfortunately the results are up on the results page. Glad to see so many different people winning stuff, congrats. These really are high dollar prizes. Remember that the results are a photo and you can click to enlarge. Probably no need to click on the ‘big uglys’ you all know who they are. My favorite of the day were the chocolate chip cookies, Thanks to somebody.

      After the regular match, three brave shooters squared off in a winner take all 50 yard .22 lr match with Doug Pugh nosing out Daryl White and Kenneth Thomas by just a few.

      I am interested in what some of you think about the scoring system not employed at Reese Bottom. The group sizes carry more weight than the score. Is it fair or is everyone okay with it? Please be honest.

      Don’t forget that in September we will shoot a mid range prone match for the first time since spring and I am looking forward to seeing many of the mat shooters.

      Thanks to all that helped, WWE

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      The way I see it group size is important, but I think the sight in period is for the shooter to be able to get centered up so he or she can shoot all X’s or 10’s. That being said if the shooter shoots a good score with a good X count and a good score the groups will be small so I say it’s good just the way you have it.

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