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      Richard Slaton

      August match report
      30 rounds for score plus sighters in 45 mins. Prone Fclass format @1K
      What looked like maybe not so good weather turned out to be pretty good weather
      Weapon of the day Savage Striker 16” in 6 BrX but listed in the result as a 6.5 X 47 lol

      Goals: have fun, be safe, and respect others, police myslef and NO 8’s
      Things trying: trying different techniques to reduce pain in my neck from shooting prone
      Still working loading techniques to lower ES an SD
      My second 1K match (both a Reese Bottom).
      Really I did not think the wind was much of a factor when I shot light and fairly steady
      The Mirages was pretty bad even when I turned down to 24X. Like the wind I don’t view Mirage as an excuse but as an obstacle that I have not learned to maneuver around.
      Based on my data from last 1K match and app calculations my starting scope setting was 29.75
      After the sighter session that was changed to 31 which looking back is what I used on the Dec.1K fun day. I did end up shooting 10 sighters most of which I was trying to learn to deal with Mirage and one as the 100 yrd. Wasted bullet
      It’s never a good sign when your 1st bullet for record is a 10 or X. this match it was a ten followed by you guess it two 8’s (match goal NO 8’s LOL) followed by 10,9,9,9,X,9 and a third 8 so one of my goals went out the window on the 1st. string of 10. The second ten was some better with a pretty good mix of X, 10 and 9’s until the last shot which was a 7. That 7 bothered me for more reasons than score I told someone that shot feel good when it broke and I couldn’t figure out what happen. Later I recalled after that shot that I saw the velocity of this shot was lower than normal and sent the SD in the teens. So I’m blaming the 7 on the reloader (me). So after two subpar 10 shot relays trying to pin the tail on the donkey or chasing the X time for a change! Time to go back to the basics: Shoot Richard’s game
      This produced my best 10 shot relay of the match with a 98.
      Doing the math the match avg. was 283 I shot a 282 the match avg. X count was 7 I scored 7 X’s
      The #’s back up the fact of what I already knew I’m just an avg. shooter.
      2 days before the match I fire ten shots to prefoul the barrel and check my MV which was still running 2730 with a ES of 12 and a SD of 7 I had hope to see what my 1K SD was but that data got tainted by my low velocity 7 and the high velocity 10 that got donated to me. I did see a Sd of 10 before the taint
      The “X” Barrel now has 2232 rounds down it , I’ve now fired 1024 rounds which 115 has been at 1k at 24 events at Reese bottom
      Look forward to Sept. at the Bottoms

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, I wish more of our good shooters were willing to share something about their experiences at Reese Bottom like you do each month. At least we would all know where they stand. Like it is, we can only wonder. The committee is open to both suggestions and legit criticism. Would rather hear the latter in a phone call though. I love the way you log the wear and tear on your stuff. Looks like you know it is time for a new barrel. I want to leave this here. Please understand that I have only been shooting for a short few years and there is still plenty for me to learn. As many of you are aware, over the last few years I have been one of those that has tried a lots of different things. Good, competitive shooting has to be the right combination of a lot of things from stuff, to reloading, to gun handling, but I really think that the thing that has helped me more than anything is the brass prep part of reloading. The process has taught me the meaning of .001 and that it ain’t much. That .001 shows up in a couple of places in the brass neck and also in the shoulder bump. Most of us good shooters try to get many firings out of our brass and from my experiences annealing and bumping the shoulders properly are very important. I overhear the good shooters at Reese Bottom talk about just sizing the necks and I am not real sure about that one but I do guess each to his own. On my first trip to the World Open in Williamsport years ago a fellow suggested to me to determine who is winning and find out how they do things. One of those things you never forget. Shoot Well, WWE

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