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      Wynne Echols

      On Saturday April 20, 2019 Reese Bottom will host a mid-range prone match shot for the first time ever with the use of the Shotmarker E-target system. The match will be a
      3 X 20 X 600 plus sighters. Please plan to arrive by 8 am so that we can hopefully be shooting by 9 am. We plan to only shoot two divisions, F-Open and F-T-R. F-T-R is only .223 and .308 shot from a bi-pod front rest and F-Open is for all other calibers with any one piece front rest. Drinks will be available and plans are to take a time out after the second relay is complete and Mrs. Suzanne plans to serve lunch:BBQ, baked beans, and potato salad, and light bread. If you want desert, bring it but let me know.

      Here’s the part you have all been waiting for. Because of all the unknowns, we are limiting participation to the first 18 good shooters to sign up. 18 is all. My hope is that I can come up with nine open shooters and nine F-T-R shooters. Several of you have said that you have a rifle for both divisions, so with your permission I will put you where I need you to fill both divisions. I will say that in the past the F-T-R division has been the most popular. Eighteen shooters is more than we have had lately, but I have no idea how popular the e-targets will be, but I am not willing to risk thirty shooters showing up for the first match. I do know that regular shooters Richard Slaton, Michael Claunch, and Wynne Echols are not participating which should create some wiggle room. If it turns out that the response is not what I had hoped for, I beg you to help me fill all nine slots in both divisions. This is important to me to establish a time frame for shooting a match which will hopefully allow more shooters to participate in future matches.

      If I can fill up the nine slots in the two divisions, I plan to add an additional $60 to both payouts and pay $80 for 1st, $40 for 2nd, and $30 for 3rd. The division winner gets the pin. The eighteen shooters would create a $90 ‘Gunny Pot'[most ‘Xs’] Ties will split. ‘X’ count will determine division winner in case of a tie. Still tied we will take target score starting with third target.

      I am very excited about where this can go so get yourself registers. I plan to keep the forum updated with the entries so check by to see who you will be shooting against. If you have never shot a mid range prone match before, please give me a break and not try to participate. Come and observe or spectate. I think we will have enough to deal with just trying to keep the match on schedule. I need to know if any non participants are coming for lunch[a head count] This is basically three weeks away and I understand the difficulty of planning this far ahead. If you register now, I will give you until Wednesday night April 17th at 7 pm to cancel. If not, and you no show for the match, you will be out or an alternate for the next match. I need the eighteen to show. I am starting another thread for you good shooters to register. Good luck and I hope you all get in. WWE

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      Don Lewis

      Wow. Fired from being the cook.i will be there to do whatever is needed.cannot shoot in prone position due to neck problems,can’t cook,but I’ll be there.

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        Wynne Echols

        Don, if you will reconsider, you may certainly shoot from the bench. I have one planning to already. Come on fellows we need shooters. WWE

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