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      Wynne Echols

      On July 19, 2014, Reese Bottom will host a Mid Range Prone Match sponsored by Backwater Custom Firearms. Registration will begin at 8 am and hopefully we will be shooting by 9 am. $10 per gun and the F-Open and FTR classes will pay at least 2 places if we have a similar number of shooters as before. If more shooters come we might pay a third place. I have heard rumors that we might even have three or four sling guns. Just a few reminders, it will be hot so plan to stay hydrated, no food or drinks will be furnished, once the match begins we will try to keep it moving so plan to eat and drink on the go. If able, you will be expected to work the pits and to score your fellow shooters, or squad members. We will have a portable bench available to anyone that would like to shoot the match but for some reason cannot shoot from the prone position. 3 X 20 shot relays plus limited sight in shots. Hope to see many of you on the 19th. Chamber flags at all times and no muzzle brakes. WWE

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      Hope I can shoot this one. Going to give my bench gun a rest. Most likely will be shooting the 6.5 x 47 Kimber.

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      It looks like I will be shooting a scoped rifle this time my son in law went back on some weird hours he work for the railroad so we have not had a chance to shoot and find a load for our match rifles.This is something I really am looking forward doing my eyes are not what they used to be maybe I can get shooting done this weekend.

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      Al Barr

      I hope that Steve brings that sharp eyed youngster that spotted that rattler. It sure was fun (after the threat was eliminated) to laugh about Britt’s escape and evasion skills!

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      Doug Pugh

      I can’t wait to lay on the ground with my br again. I’m counting the days down already.

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      Well I am bringing three guns and will just have to see how the weather acts that will tell me which one to shoot……Going to be fun like always……Just hope we have a good turn out……See you all there……

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      Can’t wait to try out my Sinclair bipod I bought from Steve. I hope everyone can make it, we need plenty of snake watchers…lol

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