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      Wynne Echols

      Well, the 2016 season has arrived. Reese Bottom will host the first match of the year this Saturday February 20, 2016 with registration beginning at 8 am and hopefully be shooting by 9:00 am. The weather forecast looks good for now[70’s]. The match will be a 3 X 20 X 600 Mid Range Prone Match. I have heard from many good shooters already so we should have a good crowd. We will plan to have F-Open, FTR, Sling, and an Open Bench Class. Yes, sling, I have heard from a couple already, so if anyone is interested in the sling division, then bring the ole coat and suit up. All bench shooters will be grouped together regardless of the setup. $10 per gun, with all funds paid to different winners. No food or drinks will be furnished. Once the match begins, we will not stop to eat so bring your own drinks and snacks and plan to eat on the go. A big thank you to Gaddy Electric, the port-a-pot will be fresh. I would like to remind all of you good shooters about our new rule: we will stop a match once for any shooter that has to rod a round out of the barrel or beat the bolt open, the second time the shooter will be asked to step away from the rifle[DQ] Your co operation and understanding of this is appreciated.

      Thomas and Buddy Webb have offered to pour a concrete slab in the form for the moveable table that Steve Gilley built. We thank all of these fellows for their interest in Reese Bottom. If anyone sees or talks to Surrell, remind him to bring his radios.

      Hard to believe that it has been three months since we shot. It has, so load ’em up and lets burn some powder. Hope to see many of you Saturday.

      If you are traveling and can not be here by 8:00, please let me know Friday to allow us to get everyone squadded and ready to go on time. I do not have a cell signal at Reese Bottom. If I have left anything out, respond to this thread and I will answer. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      I see topics of new builds and new bullets. 2016 should be a very competitive year. Thanks to all of you that have kept the ‘chat forum’ from completely dying. Please, find something related to shooting, guns, or hunting and post it. I have been told that more honest content will create more website traffic. I will be glad to help anyone get a photo or article posted. Email anything to me and I’ll put it up. If anyone out there is not posting because they are afraid that someone else might make an unkind remark or whatever, we have had none of that and if it ever happens I will delete it as soon as I read it. My hope was that this is for you, the shooter, so use it. Thanks, WWE

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        Wynne Echols

        It would be interesting to hear about other events that you good shooters attend. Take photos, list the results, let us all know what other shooters are successfully shooting and winning with. I would love to hear from many of you about something that you run across reloading or testing. I would also like to hear about your handgun experiences[caliber, bullet, etc.]

        The past few months, I have spent my shooting time forming new dasher brass. Some of the things that I noticed is that Norma brass is a good .001 thicker than Lapua brass and with the same shoulder bump, the Norma brass necks are a full .020 shorter than the Lapua. Even though shorter, the Norma brass weighs between 6 an 7 grains more than the Lapua. I plan to shoot 105 grain bullets in the Norma brass in the Panda action dasher and I am fixing to experiment with 115 grain bullets in the Lapua brass and the Farley action. Not sure if 7.5 twist will spin them. The fun will be in the trying. WWE

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      The 7.5 twist barrel should do good with the 115 grainers. I’m looking forward to Sat and the first match. Hope this crazy wind gives us a break by then! I’m planning on shooting the 6Br and going to be using unfired brass with Norma 203B pushing Lapua 105’s. All new components so I will at least have an excuse for getting out scored! See everyone there!

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      My Nightforce is mounted my new brass is loaded and the radios are charged looking forward to seeing everyone and shooting……

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