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      Wynne Echols

      Twenty four is enough. Until we can come up with a workable solution, all matches held at Reese Bottom will be limited to a max of twenty four[24] good shooters. Because we only have four targets, that is enough. If the demand for spots becomes a problem, we can hopefully come up with a workable solution. Please kick this idea around in your head and come up with some ideas.

      This past Saturday, someone appeared to change the settings on the Shotmarker program causing me and my help to panic. I understand that for those logging in on their personal device it would be easy to hit the wrong button but please ask for help quick. The quicker we click the green check mark in the bottom right the better things will be. Please do not allow children to log on to the target system. Any deliberate attempts to hack the system will be asked to leave and never return.

      We really appreciate hearing from Richard and Sonny and wish that more of you would let your thoughts be known. I do listen to and enjoy suggestions and will try to incorporate when possible.[when possible] WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne a some point during the match I pulled my phone out of my pocket and it had shotmarker open (I do have a shortcut to shotmarker on my home page) and on a page I had never seen. I was able to close it out. Not sure if during my “butt dialing” to shotmarker if I not knowingly changed someThing while the phone was in my pocket. Other than being shocked I didn’t think much about it until I read your post. If I’m the guilty party I can assure you it was not intentional. You would think that the setting page could be password protected.I do plan To hide the Shortcut icon into a folder so this should not happen again.
      As far as next month I good with what ever even a repete of this month

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        Wynne Echols

        Richard, I kinda figured it was something similar that had happened and we will never know if this actually caused our problem or not. The Shotmarker program is not very large, I think there are only three or four things to even click. I mainly wanted people to know that it had happened and to please stay out of the guts of the program. Yes, we do have the ability to lock the program, but to do so, limits a lot of the flexibility of the program. As long as there is no intent, we will be fine. I still have not figured out what the person that joined the forum a few weeks back accomplished. I suppose we are all good shooters and not geeks. WWE

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