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      Wynne Echols

      I tried to get the 600 yard targets ready today between rain showers. Be sure and check out the two photos. The plates are approx. 15′ in front of and 2′ below the bottom paper target. Plans are to sight in on the plates and then have a sight in period on the bottom target while it is ‘pasted and spotted’. Go directly to the top record target. One gun please because we are going to the line twice. I have not shot this setup but would suspect at 600 yards the 15′ and extra height will require an extra click or two. I’m sure we will find out in a hurry. As Dan mentioned in another topic, the weather forecast looks good for Saturday. Don’t forget the prizes, buck knife drawing, and $200 guaranteed ‘Gunny Pot’. Any questions, choot me an email. Hope to see many of you good shooters Saturday. The last benchrest match of the year at Reese Bottom. Thanks, WWE

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      Targets look good. Should work fine. Jimmy, myself, and JJ are coming to shoot and trying to get one more old shooter to come. Robbie builds his own rifles and shot 100/200 benchrest for years. He just put together a dasher to shoot longer ranges with. Hope I can get him to come.

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      Al Barr

      After shooting this match; my impression is it was greatly enjoyed by all.

      I’m not a bench rest shooter, but some of the techniques are beginning to sink into my thick skull. As is usually the case; the more experienced shooters were willing to offer advice, which is very helpful.

      If you’re lurking out there, come on and join us in posting questions, lessons learned, etc

      Most important; come on out and shoot, it’s fun!

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