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      Wynne Echols

      The event schedule for 2016 has been updated on the ‘events page’ Please notice that there are changes from this past year. The main difference is that we eliminated the mid-range prone match in July. The monthly matches will remain on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The mid-range prone matches are early and late in the shooting season to try to dodge the extreme heat that we experienced this past year.

      I am going to go ahead and announce the order of fire for the March Bench Rest Match. We will plan to shoot a 5 shot and a 10 shot target at 400 yards and a 5 shot and a 10 shot target at 500 yards for a total of 30 record shots plus foulers. As listed on the ‘Events Page’, February and April will be mid-range prone matches. I hope this info will help with everyone’s reloading plans.

      Speaking of reloading, Reese Bottom will implement a new rule this coming year. We will agree to stop a match [1]one time for a misfire or jammed bolt for each shooter. The second misfire or jammed bolt, the shooter will be asked to step away from their rifle.
      I understand that many of you travel miles to get here and this could be an inconvenience, but for the sake of safety that is how it is going to be.[A good topic would be for many of you good shooters to discuss your experience with hot loads or maybe powder and temperature sensitivity] Lets make 2016 a great year, WWE

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      Looks like it’s getting time to start back burning some powder looking forward to getting back to Reese Bottom.

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      Went to Pascagoula range to shoot 1000 yd benchrest on Sunday. Speaking of misfires I was asked the question of why one shooter had 11 rounds snap and failed to fire. Looking at the failed rounds it appeared that the firing pin had hit hard enough to fire these rounds. I ask him if his primers had been stored in a dry place. Called Bob Relinski over to ask his opinion. His thoughts were that too much pressure was applied seating the primers and maybe they were slightly crushed on bottom which caused slight damage to primer and let it seat too deep. Good topic to discuss. Maybe we could help solve some of the misfires!

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        Bob Relinski

        Steve please let us know what the seating depth on those primers turned out to be after he measured them. Looked to be quite a bit more than .003-.005, and the fired ones had that huge bulge

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      Larry Linneman

      hey Wynne i have a question to ask is there anyway i can rezero my rifle back to 300 after the match in feburary i have a 300 yard match the next weekend and wont be able to rezero in time for the match.


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      Ron Lewis

      Year before last I was at Reese Bottom and had 6 primers not fire on my 308. These were CCI standard primers. Also had two other hunting rifles that had the same problem.

      I don’t shoot hot loads and finally determined that I had some bad primers.

      Tossed them in the trash and haven’t had any problems since.

      Really puts a bad taste in your mouth when shooting a match and have a misfire.

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        Wynne Echols

        Ron, good to hear from you and look forward to seeing you soon at Reese Bottom. We have been missing you. Thanks for mentioning your experience with the bad primers. I assume that the comment is in response to the new rule that will be implemented this year at Reese Bottom. I want all shooters to understand that they will not be asked to step away from their rifle until all else fails. We are not concerned about the rifle that simply does not fire. What we are concerned about is the rifle that tries to fire and wedges the bullet in the barrel and has to be poked out with a rod or the shooter that has loaded his rounds so hot that you have to beat the bolt open with a hammer. Ron, as you mentioned, we have had shooters show up with say bad primers and we have also had shooters show up with no primers[forgot to prime], so my suggestion there would be to bring extra ammo and simply eject the round, put in a new one and pull the trigger. I honestly think that anyone that has attended many matches in the past, know what we are trying to eliminate. See ya soon, WWE

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