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      Wynne Echols

      I spent some time this afternoon going through the registration book to see how the year went. I do not remember, but I assume that the April shoot got rained out. It was determined that 5 Mid Range Matches were shot and 4 Benchrest Matches were shot. The Mid Range Matches averaged 12 shooters while the Benchrest Matches averaged 16 shooters. February and March were the best attended matches and then the attendance fell off a little. We kind of think that Reese Bottom has a maximum capacity of 30 shooters, so there is some room to grow. The group sizes and scores were very competitive all year as we witnessed some very good shooting. Some of the feats that come to mind are Mr. Gilley shooting a 599 out of 600 @ 600 yards; Mr. Tarleton shooting 21 straight X’s @ 600 yards; Mr. Collins beating us all with an official 4 target group size @600 yards{on a bi-pod} There were many different winners over the last year and I think that we can all agree that no one shooter really dominated the events. Mr. Franklin and Mr. Collins were the only 100%ers. Looking ahead to 2016, we are thinking about front and back loading the mid range matches to avoid the extreme heat of summer. Now would be a good time to get in your 2 cents worth about the schedule. Look forward to hearing from many of you. WWE

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      Lots of great shooting in 2015. That .349″ group at 600 gives us a goal to shoot for next year!

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