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      Richard Slaton

      This was my 19th match At Reese Bottom, I have fired a total of 984 rounds at the bottoms, The 6 BrX now has 2174 down the tube and the big one 1K match checked off my Bucket list. Thanks you Mr. Wynne for making all this happen!
      The obstacles for this match
      1. I’m using the scope dope from the 1K fun day back in 50 degrees Dec. Using my cool temp load
      Now it 90 and I’m shooting my “it’s done got hot load.”
      2. Never shot a 1K match I have fire a total of 35 rounds using two different guns @1k
      3. I can’t read the wind for a 600 yard match and now I got to try at 1K

      Goals for this match
      1. As always have fun. That’s always easy @The Bottoms.
      2. With 12 good shooters signed up in Open Bipod my Goal is to finish in the top 50%
      3. Avg. 1 MOA

      Things I’m going to try
      1. Try to shoot faster (in the conditions)
      2. Trying something new with neck tension (more on this later)
      3. Win, lose or draw try to make wind calls

      1 K Match time do or die hit or miss the pucker factor was in place as I felt like the eyes of the whole world were on me. I dialed in #31 which was what I used on the Dec. 1K fun day. When the shot broke it felt good but hit high outside the lines but it was a registered HIT which is always a relief. I normal don’t adjust after the 1st sighter but as high as it was I came down 1 full MOA and left 1 click 2nd shot still high and left down 1 more MOA and 1 click left. Sighter 3 was low but windage was good. Up 2 clicks and S4 was slightly low so I decided to adjust my hold with S5 and S8 producing 2 10’s S6 and S7 9’s
      So it took 8 slighters to get me to begin record. And I’m now at #29.5-.75 OK I said I was going to shoot fast So here I go now my fast is like most people’s slow fire every time I fire recoil points my gun toward aunt Nancy’s house so I Have to head it back towards the target so my fast an’t fast. This fast and furious attempt to shooting produced a 10.7 group of 2 9’s 2 8’s and a 10 not exactly setting the woods on fire but hey it’s my 1st. 1k match! Ok let’s try fast and furious again and again about the same results 2 9’s 2 8’s and 1 10 but slightly bigger group of 11.5. Ok I think I will abandon the fast and furious until a later date. So target 3and 4 will be back to slow fire chase the wind. Target 3 produce my best and only sub MOA group at 9.71 and 5 9’s. Target 4 produced my worst score largest group Sonny donated a 10 to me but the committee caught it and deduced it from my score lol. One 7 one 8 2 9’s and finish with a 10 and a 10.8 group. The jury is still out on fast and furious.
      Doing the math.
      The avg. score shot Saturday was 173 I shot 176
      The Avg. group shot Saturday was 11.78 my avg. group was 10.68
      My group avg. of 1.07 MOA was not under 1 MOA but close
      My avg. shot scored was a 9
      So I guess I shot a little better than Avg. But I didn’t finish in the top 50%
      Match final:
      1K match Baby I did it!!!!!!!
      I was generally happy with my groups but I struggled the whole match hunting the X ring (10 ring to)
      I spent most of the match chasing the wind and the ten and lost. My groups and score were very constant for all 4 targets with my second being my worst and 3 being my best my groups proved the gun and load were up to the 1K task. The scores are all on the shooter.
      The beast has been slayed the good shooters of Reese Bottom have climbed the 1 K mountain
      thank you Mr. Wynne for sharing Reese Bottom with us

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