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      Wynne Echols

      I had a great time with the good shooters at the Bar 3 Range yesterday over in Laurel, Ms. Actually won 3 relays but could not get it done in the shoot offs. Those guys are very good shooters. The Bar 3 Range is a very nice facility and Daryl Jones did a great job running the matches. The range is a two hour drive from Reese Bottom, to give you some idea. They have four more matches scheduled the first weekend in June, all 1000 yards. Be sure to check out the new album of photos taken yesterday. They are on the ‘Photo Page’. You learn something every time to go somewhere and yesterday I learn that you need more than 75 rounds to shoot a possible 60 round match. I got to counting up toward the end and after I had won my Match 2 Light Gun Relay that I did not have enough ammo left to shoot the Heavy Gun Relay[shot 5 of 10 and was DQ’ed] and have enough left for the light gun shoot off. For anyone wishing to shoot a little further than we do at Reese Bottom, these Bar 3 matches would be a great experience. WWE

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      Mr. Wynne looks like you had fun and shot really well, now it time to get more yardage out of Reese Bottom. Chase and I are planning on shooting the 1000 yard F-Class there next weekend. Just to let you know my 6br came home this morning so I can get out of the 308 class when we shoot bench rest but will still shoot the FTR class with the 308.

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      Al Barr

      Good shooting Wynn! Keep up the good work.

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