August 2015 Bench Rest Results

I would like to thanks all of you good shooters that showed up for the bench rest match yesterday at Reese Bottom.  We even had a couple of new shooters.   The scores get higher and the groups get smaller.  Please see what Brett Collins did in the Open Bi-Pod division and a ten year old whooped all the mechanical guys for high score.  Reese Bottom invited good shooters from far and wide to the first ever .22 match and for some reason they all left grumbling.  I have had a couple of suggestions to list the results by score and group, so enjoy.  Remember to click on any photo or result to enlarge and see better.  Congrats to the winners.

ps. to understand the results, each division first shot a five shot group @ 400 yards,  ten shots @ 400 yards and then five @ 500 yards and lastly, a ten shot group @ 500 yards.

Score Winners


August Scores 2

Ag Winners


August Aggs

.22 Match

[25 record shots @ 50 yards]


August .22 Match

Gun of the Month

Wynne's Gun of the Month

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