An Open Invitation to a Beginning Shooter

Have you ever heard the suggestion that “everyone must start somewhere”?  Well that is very true about the sport of long range shooting.  If you are a person that thinks that you might be interested in long range shooting, then here are a few tips.  Although Reese Bottom is located on private property, the shooters there would like to extend, to the novice, an open invitation to show up and “start somewhere”.  The shooters at Reese Bottom, although very competitive while shooting, are more than willing to share their time and knowledge with any interested person.

A shooter can easily invest a large sum of money in the equipment needed to reach the upper levels of these competitions and before I spent one red cent, I would plan to make multiple trips to the matches to observe, ask questions, etc.  Many times after matches, several shooters will hang around and practice and would love to take this time to let an interested person send a few rounds down range.

One thing that Reese Bottom has done differently this year is to create a hunting rifle division.  This class shoots on the months that the match is shot from the benches.  This would be a great place to “start somewhere”.  Most people with an interest in shooting already own a hunting rifle.  If so, this division would offer a person a place to “start somewhere” with no initial cost.  The hunting rifle division shoots fewer shots at shorter distances.

Please be advised that there are several short videos on the website “video page”  that offer insight into what is expected of a shooter at Reese Bottom.  Please be sure to view all of the website pages, watch the videos, come observe, ask questions, and allow this to be your invitation to “start somewhere”.



An Open Invitation to a Beginning Shooter

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  1. That’s what Addison and I did. We started somewhere……at Reese Bottom…..everyone has been so helpful and we just absolutely love this sport and look forward to getting better and better.

    Dan And Addison Gunter May 13, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

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