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      Wynne Echols

      We have had a request from one of our new forum members to create a list of the places that you good shooters shop for shooting supplies, reloading supplies, firearms, etc. If you fellows will tell all of your secrets, I will pin the topic to the top so that you can check the list at a later date. Please, positive comments only. I will start it off with: PMA Tools.

      Are you thankful for anything today? I am filled with thanks, but today one of my biggest thanks is that I live in a small town and know the UPS man personally and that I can run him down in the middle of town and keep him away from my house{and wife}I have never gotten in trouble for the things she does not know about. WWE

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      Al Barr

      Powder Valley and Bullets.com.

      For good tools and neat stuff; PMA, 21st Century, K&M, and Neil Jones.

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      Daryl White

      Wynne, Since starting competitive shooting at Reese bottom, whenever I am in Tusc. I check Woods & Water for powder and primers. I use IMR-4895 and Federal or CCI primers in my 308 reloads. The CCI’s seem to be a little hotter. Within the last year I have been able to get powder, primers and bullets (Sierra Matchking) from Willingham Sports. He also has a couple other brands of powder, primers, and Bullets. Like everyone else, Alliant has been hard to get. I find that the items may cost a bit more but it does save me a trip out of town and/or hazardous shipping fees. When I was at the CO-OP in Selma last Month looking at the World Record Alligator caught above Miller’s Ferry last year on display, I did notice that they had some IMR and Alliant powders, some bullets and primers.

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      brett collins

      for brass bullets dies cleaning supplies and everything else except powder & primers
      thats just a few but for powder and primers i like simmons in bessemer

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      Found a site that is for precision 22 rim fire only. They have a good selection of match .22. The site is Killough shooting sports or KSS.
      Powder Valley
      Midway USA

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        Wynne Echols

        Precision .22 rim fire is forbidden at Reese Bottom, for some reason.

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      Brownells is my number one place I do have a dealer account set up with them and get a small discount on some things just saving a little money when I can.Bullets.com is where I have found the Berger 185 Hybrid Target Bullet that I shoot in my 308 they are a little cheaper than Brownells on the Berger Bullets.I try to buy all my Powder at Simmons in B’ham they have most of the time what I need which is Varget along with a nice stock of other Powders they also have Primers and Bullets.Hope this helps.Shoot a Big Gun but Shoot Small Groups……

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      Mike Reekie

      If you are interested in good accurate cast bullets for your hunting or precision target shooting with revolvers or pistols, I recommend PENN BULLETS. Check ’em out on the internet.

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      I’m really fond of copper-plated handgun bullets from xtremebullets.com
      Midsouth usually has great prices on Hornady match & Nosler custom competition bullets in .224 & .308
      Simmons is my “go to” place for powder & primers

      To Al Barr or anyone planning to order powder online, I’m interested in group buy to save on hazmat fees.

      BTW, Ginex primers (from Bosnia – used in Sellier & Beliot, Prvi Partisan, etc…) are available for $227.50/10k delivered from Ventura munitions. That’s $1.99/100 mix & match all sizes.
      I don’t think anyone would try match rifle loads with theae, but for any handgun round or hunting/blasting ammo these should be good.

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      E. Turbyfill

      I have had good luck at the Rock House on HWY 19N of Meridian and Vans in Brandon

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