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      Wynne Echols

      I am starting this topic and will pin it to the top of the forum so that you good shooters can find it easily. This past Saturday, I asked Larry L. to keep us posted when he shot other places and he suggested that we start a topic so that other shooters could report in also. This forum begs for content so please, please help with this. If you shoot a match other than at Reese Bottom, please share your experience with us. Thanks, WWE

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      Larry Linneman

      Lately I’ve been shooting at talladega cmp’s range myself and a few other club shooters got sn invite to get f class matches started there which has somewhat taken off . In the July match I placed 4th which was disappointing to me (wind caught me more than it should have it know better) the match ran great with no pit duty it went fast I think there were 35 shooters and we still finished in 2 1/2 hrs. The one thing that could be a problem is all you shoot at is a black dot (a problem for find cross hair and dot shooters holding off). Entry fee was 35 dollars which is also the same cost to just shoot there so it was a wash.

      Backwoods Shooters in smith station hold an across the course match where you shoot 100,200,300,400 then each month you move out 100 yards so 500 the first month out to 1000 the last it really test your scope tracking and dope. Down side is you shoot off a wooden platform that can move a little if people walk on it and no bathroom just trees.

      My club center all Alabama gun club – we hold 4 300yard fclass matches a year with prizes given out on the last match it can burn a barrel we shoot 4 targets 10 shots on each with unlimited sighters in 40 minutes relays positions are given when you email the match director and tell him you want to shoot the match.

      The now closed Blakely ga. Place was nice to shoot at I really enjoyed shooting 600 and 1000 yard matches and hope they will open back up .

      Next season I plan to shoot at
      My club ftr,f open , and unlimited
      Reese bottom ftr,maybe fopen , bench rest
      Talladega cmp for, f open
      Backwoods ftr
      And I’m looking for places to shoot in Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia (cool acres )

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      Steve Gilley

      I have shot at Reese Bottom a lot. In addition I shoot at Pascagoula some. They have both 600 and 1000 f class and benchrest matches. I’ve been to Tullahoma Tn. For both 600 and 1000 yard F class matches. Blakley Ga. once but now closed. The new range in Laurel Ms. Is now up and running and has both 600/1000 yard matches. It is set up nice except the dry bare dirt under firing line covers! I will be at the Palo Alto range for the La. State match first weekend of Oct. The steel matches at Gabriel Creek are also fun to shoot.

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      Larry Linneman

      I would like to give Pascagoula a try next year and maybe Tullahoma

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      Allen Shively

      I feel very lucky to be within about 1- 2 hours from four nice 1000yd ranges.
      I shoot at whitehourse shooting range in WVA.
      Harry Jones memorial in WVA.
      Reade Range in Pa.
      And Williamsport the original 1000yd club.

      This season I was fortunate enough to shoot at least two matches at each club!!! All within a couple hours of home. We also are lucky enough to have a camper and the week before the world open we camped for several days and load tested in the evenings. And I really believe the load testing got me the right load to finishe second in light gun f or the world open.
      All ranges as we all know have their different characteristics, and it always amazes how I use different scope setting for the different ranges. And usually the wind moves in the same directions st the different clubs. I think it makes me a better shooter, having to adjust and adapt to the different ranges????

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      We have a short range in Brookwood we shoot at for load development and plinking. Its called Warrior Ranch Training Center. They currently have steel targets out to 375 yards and are in the works to extend out to 750ish. In addition to shooting at Reese Bottom the wife and I enjoy shooting at Gabriel Creek with Mr Surrell. Would love to hit the road some time and shoot some more matches. At this point the wife and I need practice so we can become more consistent and competitive. Had a invite to shoot at Brocks Gap with a friend but I have yet to make it up there yet

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      I think everyone knows where I shoot a match, mostly at Reese Bottom for the last three years so far I’ve been to every match at Reese Bottom. Chase Morgan and I shot a 1000 yard F-Class at Bar3 three Saturdays ago and planning one more 1000 yard there. The last 4 or 5 months I’ve had a steel match at Gabriel Creek Hunting Club and planning one last steel match in October on the 4th Saturday I hope this one will be the largest ever at Gabriel Creek, Jeff Tucker will be bringing his grill on wheels and we will be bringing food for all to enjoy. I have shot the Tactical match at Brocks Gap a few years ago always having problems seeing the targets at different stages but I have heard that have changed things up there but I have no plans on going back. With that being said I will have to say Reese Bottom is my most favorite range with Gabriel Creek coming in second only because of all the work involved in having a match, one does not know how much work has to be done in order to put on a match until you have done it.
      Thanks Mr. Wynne for all you do from me and all the shooters to enjoy such a great place to spend a day of shooting at Reese Bottom you are a blessing to all. We can’t for get about Britt Jones for all his help at Reese Bottom and all his great work he puts in building our rifles.

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      Well I went to Brock’s Gap for the 500 yd bench rest and it was an experience, those winds up there where something,at the bench it was hitting us right in the face about 9-12 mph my bullets were hitting high and left according to my dope, made my adjustments shooting for record two shot right of X next three shot left. I rode down to help the target crew and there was no wind down there? But anyway I had fun, cowboy action shooting, 22 rimfire, and a pistol match all going the same time, it was a busy place. I watched a guy machine gun 5 shots for record in about ten seconds loading single shot, smooth and fast. There was this other guy shooting the sighter plates off the chain with his 338 lapua, he finally had to settle for the clay pigeons on the bank, too much gun for me!

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