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      When weighting brass how much difference in weight makes a difference and on your bullets?I’m looking at trying to see if it will help of am I wasting time in doing this I say try if it helps just maybe it will pay off maybe or maybe not from 0 to 500 yards.I did read if one wants to shoot small at a 1000 it’s very important to check your weight on all brass bullets and primers.

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      Al Barr

      Surrell, I think the best method is the H2O weight method.

      IMHO, reading the wind is the 800lb gorilla in the room.

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      I personally have never weighed bullets or brass! For tiny groups at long distances it MAY help! I enjoy shooting but not reloading. If you are not happy with your performance then change something you are doing. Weighing and sorting bullets and brass should tighten groups but I’m not sure it’s something that could be measured from day to day. Maybe I’ll try this for the upcoming nationals and if I shoot a small group then I will most likely keep doing it, if not, oh well !!

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      Wynne Echols

      Have shot and seen many good four shot groups with the other bullet away from the four good ones. What causes it? Not sure anyone knows. Consistency in reloading, gun handling, wind reading, etc., has to help. With that being said, I think that anything that a good shooter weighs or measures helps create consistency. Think I read somewhere to try to keep brass within a grain. I have weighed 100, 105 grain bullets, and found just a few under 105 and a few over 105.1 with the majority in between the two. A lot of good shooters will also measure the bearing surfaces for consistency. Does any of this matter? Not sure.

      For a good comparison: I think we can all agree that Misters Gilley and Allen are two of the more consistent shooters to frequent Reese Bottom and Mr. Gilley admits above that he spends very little time weighing and measuring and I can assure you that Mr. Allen does lots of weighing and measuring, even indexes his bullets. WWE

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      Al Barr

      The only thing that I weigh is powder charges. I do measure 6mm bullets base to Ogive and sort into three piles. I carried that habit over to a batch of 7mm bullets by the same maker and concluded that there wasn’t enough variance for me to worry about. I either got a good batch or bigger bullets are easier to make????

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