Trying out the 308 today…… 09/02/2017

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      Looks like I’ll be trying to shoot the 308 this morning and being very careful. I’m looking forward to the prone match this month but I’ve got to do some shooting from prone just to see if I have any pain in the neck area. If all works out today I’ll be shooting the 1000 yard at Bar3 and then the 600 at Reese Bottom. I went back to doctor this past week and he said all looks good and he said I should be back at work in two weeks. I’ve got my old service van cleaned out and all tools in new van with little to no pain so I’m on my way to a better life with a whole lot less neck pain. I’m just hoping by next shooting season I will be as good as new and pain free and hoping it’s going to improve my scores in F-Class and bench rest.

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      brett collins

      how did it go with the 308 ? well i hope

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      Brett, worked out pretty well I only shot about 20 shots two 10 shot strings and looks like I’ll be shooting the mid range prone at Reese Bottom. Chase and I was going to Bar3 to shoot the 1000 yard but it was cancelled.

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      brett collins

      SURRELL that might be for the best two weekends in a row shooting 308 may be overdoing it

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      Wynne Echols

      Glad to hear that you are back shooting. Like Brett said, don’t rush things. WWE

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      The Doctor has given me two more weeks of rest before I return to work and said I could take as many as 4 weeks. I’m looking at two but will see how I feel after two and may take the 4 not sure yet I’m not in a hurry to rush anything at the moment, I went by and talked to my customer at work and he is looking forward to my return. I did shoot some prone at the club with the 308 not much just checking to see if it was painful and not bad most of the pain was from getting set up not from shooting. I’m planning on shooting the prone match at Reese Bottom and if I start getting any pain I will pull out of the match.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Surrell, I think you should bring the bubble gun, that thing was shooting some tight groups at GC this past weekend! See yall soon

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