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      I’m dropping off my bench gun this weekend at Backwater Firearms to get my 6br barrel threaded and chambered to complete my switch barrel rifle……Just think it’s time to get on the 6br wagon and maybe shoot some 1000 yard bench rest matches at Bar3 and will still be able to switch it back to 308 and have a all in one rifle.

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      Al Barr

      Surrell, it’s hard to beat that 6br cartridge.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Are you doing a Rem-nut style? What kinda of action you running for a switch setup?

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      Ben I’m using my Defiance Rebel Action on my bench gun I will be able to go back and forth 308 and 6mm br. I drop it off at Britt’s on Sunday and should be ready in a few weeks. I also have on order two more 308 caliber Broughton 5C 1 in 10 twist Barrels to have on hand to do a F-Class build for the 200.20X Berger for 600 and a 1000 yards.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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