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      Just sitting here thinking about how to load the perfect reload as to every thing being in perfect center from brass to bullet. How is this done? Do you turn the neck inside and out and start with all you brass being turned all the same and may be sort the brass. If you turn the brass how much do you turn inside and out?

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Just from what Ive read a lot of that depends on your chamber. If you have a tight neck chamber then turing is a absolute must. However I do that its important to put a minimal neck turn on all your brass to ensure its concentric. You would just want to turn the minimal amount as possible to make them all match. You can always get one of those fancy presses to see the seating pressure.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, I meant to comment on this this morning and forgot. Ben is right and I would suggest you check with gunsmith to see what the reamer specks are. If it is a no turn chamber all you would need to do is dress up the necks a little. I over heard Britt and Doug talking about this last Saturday pertaining to Doug’s BR. Richard would also be a good one to learn from. Good luck trying to be ‘PERFECT’. WWE

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      Chase and I talked to Mr. Richard about turning the necks and a hole bunch other things about the best way to get a better hand load and just wondering what others had to say. What we are doing are trying to do is build 308 loads that will match the accuracy of the 6br.

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      Al Barr

      Surrell, you must be tougher than Woodpecker lips in order to show up at the match on Saturday after getting your throat cut on Wednesday!

      In answer to your reloading question; it is my opinion that keeping copious notes, and changing only one thing at a time leads to success.

      Either cartridge will respond to quality components, careful case preparation, optimal powder charge, and bullet seating depth.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Gonna be hard to compete with the accuracy of a 6br just due to the nature of the case design. Shorter/Fatter powder columns tend to ignite more consistently that a longer skinnier column. That 6br may just be the perfect middle ground

      I would love to see your results though. Ive tried a lot of different methods with the .308

      Al hit the nail on the head about keeping constants with 1 variable at a time

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      I know it’s going to be a pain trying to match the accuracy of the br but if everything is in place it could be done, but doing it time after time is almost impossible. Lets say you have two bench guns one in 6br and the other in 308 and one has found the right load for both and shooting both the same day and both with the same amount of accuracy which would win in score? I’ll say the 308 but in group maybe the 6br. It looks like it’s one of those things one has to prove to him self if it can be done, then maybe not, could be a waste of time. I’ll say it’s not a waste of time the shooter would be getting some trigger time and gaining knowledge about reloading and what works and does not.

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