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      I talk to Mr. Wynne about shooting on a Sunday, he said no problem just let him know when I was coming. I’m thinking maybe get some guys together and set up some steel at a 1000 and some paper targets just for a little fun. I have 5 or 6 steel targets with stands to set up so more could shoot at the same time. If we could some people down that has never shot at a 1000 they may come back and shoot some of the other matches. We would have to wait until the range dries out to get this done.

      Who all would like to come and shoot and bring a friend?
      I can get the paper work from Mr. Wynne for all the shooters to sign off on before we shoot.

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      Count me in and will be gad to help out with it Surrell, just let me know.

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      Michael Claunch

      Would love to shoot 1000, but would not be able to join until after church services on Sunday.

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      Richard Slaton

      very interested But most Sundays I have Church and Family commitments
      but I will do what I can just let me know

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      Wynne Echols

      Please do not plan to rush this 1000 yard thing. There is still work to do. I actually worked over there this morning trying to move some more dirt on the right side at the 500 yard berm. There are many trees with hanging limbs that will have to be cut and the dozier left snags sticking up everywhere that I will have to hit with bush hog. We will get there but going to take a while. WWE

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      No rush we have all summer and just hoping it will dry up soon. Skyelor and I went to Gabriel Creek today just riding the ranger in the woods and looking at all the mud and running water having a little fun.

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