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      I’ve been only neck sizing and just got a neck bushing sizing die and just wondering how much difference should I expect in group size and if I’ll have to change my load?????? I will be shooting some new bushing loads Saturday at Gabriel Creek and should see if any changes in my POA and if there’s a big change I may have to go back to just neck sizing until I get time to rework my load. All my loads at the last bench rest match was hard to get the bolt to close and Mr. Wynne said I needed to set my shoulder back and I said I was jamming, come to find out I had to set the shoulder back plus trim. I was all out of specs in more ways than one I listen to what I was told and checked more than just the shoulder and found a lot more problems with my loads.

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      Wynne Echols

      [I’ve been only neck sizing and just got a neck bushing sizing die] Question, how have you been doing your neck sizing before you got the neck bushing sizing die? Not sure if the question about group size can be answered without you doing some load testing and development. It has been suggested to me to very careful when changing more than one thing at a time. Please keep us informed as to how this works out and good luck. It is a good thing for all of us runners up when the winner goes to monkeying with things. lol, WWE

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      Mr. Wynne I’ll be watching to see any changes this weekend if to many things change I’ll go back to the old way. The brass I’m shooting now was the same as I shot all last year and may it mat be time to open a new box and just use the same old neck sizing die. I do take new brass and run it through the dies before I load it the first time. The neck size die uses a expander ball and the neck bushing die uses a bushing and no expander ball, I will just have to try and see.

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