Shooting at 950 yards today.

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      Chase and I shot a little at 950 today in high wind at steel and paper, we set up two paint cans above the target and I take a shot and boom we just lost a new can of paint.

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      brett collins

      that’s some good shooting if you did that on purpose

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      Brett, maybe I got lucky but one thing for sure I put a Berger 185 Hybrid right through the paint can. I will say shooting from hill top to hill top is a challenge with high wind on both ends and not knowing what the wind is doing in the middle. Chase did make two head shots on the steel with his 30″ Savage back to back and even made hits with his 20″ Savage and the target size is 20″ wide and 30″ tall with a 8″ head.

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      Richard Slaton

      Sounds like the neck is getting better and you back in the groove good shooting

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      Brett we shot at 950 with a purpose it was to hit steel and then it turned into a paint can challenge and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Each and every time we shoot there’s a purpose we either shoot good or bad and when we shoot bad we learn the meaning of purpose, so you see it was all on purpose……

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      brett collins

      SURRELL that’s a very good explanation of what happened so great shooting man

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      Wynne Echols

      Just proves we do have a ‘Master Sniper’. Imagine what he will be a able to do when the neck gets well. WWE

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