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      Well Skyelor and I dropped off my 6mm barrel at Britt’s yesterday hoping to be running a BR soon.I’m looking for a stock to put this new Br in if someone could recommend one I will take a look at all recommendations but wood will be my first choice.

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      Al Barr

      Surrell, you didn’t say your intended purpose for the rifle, but I’ll take a stab.

      If it’s intended to be a sporter, look at Shurley Bros in Austin, TX, and PR&T for wood stocks. McMillan for fiberglass.

      Same three companies for target stocks. The Mcmillan MBR is probably the best all around fiberglass stock for the price. PR&T and Shurley Bros make wood laminate, wood/carbon fiber laminates and solid wood which are listed in the equipment lists of some the best shooters in the world.

      I’ve got a MBR on a rifle that I will be shooting at Bar 3 1000 yard. Match on Aug. 13 th. You can see if that fits your needs.

      Just remember, that there are many good shooters on this site that can probably steer you better than I.

      Britt is very knowledgeable and has always steered me straight.

      Good luck and have fun with your project.

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