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      Small or large rear bag for shooting FTR? I’m looking at putting in a order for a new rear bag but not sure if a large bag wound be a little to much and get in the way.

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      Wynne Echols

      Here’s my take for what it is worth. Until recently, most F-T-R was shot on a Harris, or similar, bi pod with a smaller rear bag that the shooter would squeeze to adjust the point of aim. Today good shooters are using a much wider, more stable bi pod. So if the good shooter is seeking stability on the front, then why not the back end also. Seems like I remember you saying that you have a rifle with the new McMillan Xit stock and I see where McMillan has opened an online store[LRHQ] with lots of bags. Might want to give them a call and see what they recommend. All shooting requires is $$$$$$. Except when you leave early, you always leave Reese Bottom with a pocket full. WWE

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      Michael Claunch

      I waited until I could measure the McMillian stock at the bottom before I ordered my bag from Protektor . With the sloped firing line at Reese Bottom it worked out ok. Thanks to Wynne for loaning me the Joypod, it is easier to recover the target. I do have one on order since Sep of last year. Maybe I will have by Sep this year.

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      My new rear bag is ordered that was made for the XIT Stock. Edgewood makes the rear bag, so I called and talked to Ryan and made the order. Ryan is a super nice guy and very helpful.

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      brett collins

      i have a seb big foot that i will be trying with my new mcmillan

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