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      Need to upgrade my powder scales……What are you using?

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      brett collins

      I like my RCBS 10 10
      but I love my GEMPRO 250

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, for match reloads, I will throw the charge with a RCBS Chargemaster, dump that onto another scale pan and reweigh on a Shimadzu digital scale that measures to .02. I have found that 5 pellets of Varget powder weigh .1 grain so 1 pellet = .02. Very easy to adjust the loads to the same charge. I bought this scale on ebay for I think mid $300. I have also found it to be very stable if you power it on a few hours ahead of use and maybe even spray a little static guard around it. Hope this helps, WWE

      PS: Come on fellows. This is a legit question from a legit forum member. There are 70 + forum members, so do the math on the number of should be responses. Without answers to questions, in my opinion we have a very poor forum so come on guys, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and type “Champion Sniper” a reply.

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      Surrell I use the RCBS Chargemaster. Let it warm up and turn all fans or A/C off and it is accurate. I check a few with an old RCBS beam scales just to confirm the Chargemaster.

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      Steve I’m using the RCBS Chargemaster just as you say check sometimes with a beam scale and a bullet that I have that is a perfect 68 grains but still having some spread on FPS at most 25 to 50 Fps and this is a little to much to shoot well at 600 for me.I’m doing all this with nothing but scales and light on with no breathing on the scales maybe after a hour after not even breathing at all could be my problem.

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      I don’t pay much attention to Velocity variations as long as the velocity is in the range I want. Velocity can appear to vary a little when shooting through a chrony due to several factors. Put up a paper at 5 or 600 yards and shoot a group of 5 shots and see what the vertical spread looks like.

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      Dave Burkart


      I use an Ohaus Adventurer that is accurate to .02 of a gn. As Wynne previously mentioned it allows you to weigh by kernels of powder. I don’t think you can get much more accuracy without cutting kernels in half and I am not resorting to that.


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      The Importance of Precise Loads for Long-Range Shooting
      The reloading scale is the life blood of anyone’s loading bench. It’s used for everything from weighing powders to cases or bullets and yes even primers. I would have never considered weighing primers but that is one of the many things I learned the weekend of May 20-22, 2011 at The Original Pennsylvania 1000-Yard Bench Rest Club’s Bench Rest Instructional School. All aspects of reloading for 1000-yard BR have to be identical. Your brass, bullets, powder and primers all have to weigh the same, for all your sighters and your 10 record shots, if you want any chance of being competitive. This can only become a reality if your scale is up to the task. Everything you do when shooting at 1000 yards is magnified 10x and your scale needs to be above all else, accurate and repeatable.

      This is something I just saw when looking at the Gempro scales review on accurateshooter.com it may make a difference even at 600 yards.

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      Al Barr

      A&D FX 120i.

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      Ron Williams


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