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      Has anybody tried the new Nosler RDF 105 6mm bullet? I got a box in yesterday and they look really good so now all I have to do is get me a seating die some brass and let the testing begin, already have the sizing dies and two different bullets to get it started.

      Another question Lapua or Norma Brass? Looking at Lapua hard but could use either with the CCI 450 primer and Varget.

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      brett collins

      SURRELL if you can wait until next weekend I will bring you 100+ pieces of new norma 6BR brass for free just let me know

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        Brett I can wait, I will be ordering my seating die this weekend and still will be another week before I can start testing.
        Thanks Brett bring it I’ll try it.

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      brett collins

      I just put them in the truck that way I cannot forget them next Saturday

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      Thanks Brett……

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Sarah shot a box of them in a side by side comparison between them and berger 105 hybrid and Sierra 107. The noslers came in last place. Other people are reporting good results so they may be worth a try.

      Cant beat lapua brass but if Brett was gonna give me some norma for free I would like that better!!! See yall tomorrow

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