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      Both my Nightforce bench rest scopes have been returned to the factory to get my windage adjustment problems solved. I’m hoping they will be back in time to get them both ready for next year, I’m planning on shooting the 6 Br a little more this coming year and only shooting the 308 in the midrange and long range F-Class at Reese Bottom and at Bar3. I’m having a new 308 built with the F-Class Team reamer built hoping to do a little better at the Long Range matches in Mississippi at Bar3 so we will see how that works out.

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      Richard Slaton

      The 308 has been my favorite cal. For 50 years. It has weathered the storm of all the “latest and greatest” and still holds it own.
      The 6 br. Has proved it self time and time again in Bench rest and now in some of the long range games. I think you have pick two of the best Calibers to play the games you play.

      WhenI decided to build another Striker my goal was to build something that would be competitive at 500 and 600 yards. With the lightest recoil
      The 6 br looked real promising but was afraid the velocity lost with my 15″ barrel would really show up at 5 & 600. I then turned my thoughts to the Dasher which from what I was reading should get about 200 fps back. After Talking to a friend of mine in Oregon he clued me in on the 6 BrX “poorman’s Dasher” which basically the same case capacity as the Dasher but keeps the same shoulder angle as the Br so you can use Standard 6 br dies (which I had) just by adjusting them to fit. So I made the call. 12 weeks later I had my Barrel in hand. Now after 250 rounds down the tube (100 fire forming) it looks like it’s going to settle out pushing the 107 SMK about 2650 (I was hoping to get above 2600) with very light recoil. And the accuracy shows promise.
      All that to say everyone has their favorite caliber Like Surrell I think I now have Two Lol

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