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      Well it’s that time of the year for the second year in a row, both my Nightforce scopes will return for repairs. I’m not sure what’s going on with the windage and elevation adjustment on my 308 but it’s not working again at 600 yards. I shot through last shooting season with scope problems and part of this season as well it may be time for some new glass. I’m hoping by the start of next year I’ll be shooting my new FTR rifle with a different brand scope and just maybe things will work out a little better for me.

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      Richard Slaton

      Dang I know that’s a bummer
      I just order a new scope to use a Reece bottom next year not because I was having trouble just won’t to try a little more power and a different reticle
      I had been using a Sightron siii 6x24x50 with the MOA2
      I ordered a Sightron SIII 8x32x56 with the mil dot reticle and MOA clicks
      I guess time will tell

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      brett collins

      MR SURREll can you describe the problems that you have been experiencing with your scopes? The reason I ask is I do believe that I am having problems with one of my nightforce scoops. at times when shooting at 600 yards there are times it seems that my point of impact moves. not being sure if it is the scope are the dummy behind the trigger it’s hard to know. i did a 15 MOA box test and everything was perfect so I don’t know. so maybe you can explain the problems but you have been experiencing and help me understand what I need to be looking for thanks

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      Wynne Echols

      Well, I have a dog in this hunt also. Mailed my NF Comp back to company last week for a check up. These things got some negative publicity and I always wondered. I always seemed to have a lot of unexplained shots and before the match last week I shot the thing a little. The parallax seemed to set at 600 yards less than 1/4 inch of turn from the end of the adjustment range. I also question the resolution. Any way, I sent it back for them to check it out. I will report when I hear from them. Could just be me. Nightforce is supposed to be a quality product and I am sure they will get things right. WWE

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      I just received my new Vortex Golden Eagle and will be sending back to Brownells the two Nightforce Bench Rest for replacement. Brownells has a 100% satisfaction Guarantee on every thing they sell so they will replace with no problem. I called customer service and explained the problem with the scopes and told both had been repaired once and they said send them back for a replacement or a refund. I received the paper work in the mail on Saturday for the return of both scopes and will get them replaced, so I should be ready for next shooting season soon.

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      Vortex came in and already returned, just not liking the size of the target dot. I will be looking for another that I can see with a little better. Not real sure what I’ll get maybe I’ll add another Nightforce I do love the size of the NP2DD dot. Scopes are hard to decide on and choose when one can’t look through to see if it will work at short and long range.

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        Ron Williams

        I need to send mine in but I’m not liking the NP2DD reticle I might just sell it and get something different

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      Richard Slaton

      I didn’t like the dot on my Sightron 6×24 for BR it was ok for F Class. Bought a Sightron 8×32 with the mildot crosshairs guess I’ll find out how I like it when we start back shooting

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      Wynne Echols

      Happy to report that the Nightforce Competition rifle scope has returned home with a clean bill of health. The company reported that they performed a 72 point check and nothing abnormal showed up. Must be the shooter. WWE

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      Mr. Wynne, when I sent my two Nightforce scopes in two years ago they said the same thing “no problems found” but I still had the same old problem. I sent them back to Brownells this time and they sent me two new one’s and there are here sitting on the table. I did come up with a idea if I don’t mount them I never have the same problem again, I’m waiting on my stock from McMillan for my new FTR rifle and will mount one of them for sure.

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