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      Well it looks like I should be shooting my bench gun in 2016 I ordered my scope today……

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      brett collins

      all right big daddy we don’t keep secrets around here. what kind of nightforce scope? and tell us about your bench gun.

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      My bench gun was built by the one and only Britt Jones with a Rebel Action and a 7.97 1000 Yard F-Class 1 in 11 twist Broughton Barrel Chambered in 308 Win Match and the Nightforce is a 12-42X56 NP-2DD.This Rifle was built about two years ago and it has been sitting in my safe taking up space so I think it’s time I bring it out and break some Reese Bottom Records with it in F-Class well I hope anyway.

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      Wynne Echols

      Congrats on your new stuff, Surrell. I am trying to be a good boy in hopes that Santa might bring me some new stuff. Look forward to seeing it in action at Reese Bottom. Not sure the rest of us can handle you shooting better. WWE

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      Al Barr

      There goes my chance at the “Gunny” money!

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      Mike Reekie

      Sounds like a really accurate combo. Good luck with it. You will need it to outscore the really fine shooters at Reese Bottom. Al, there is hope for all of us on the Gunny pot. In October I won it with an almost dead center hit on the X. It was the only X I had all day. Just luck, but I was aiming at it and believed it could happen.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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