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      Looks like I’ll be trying something different with my new press and dies for my 308. I’m just hoping this will make my loads a little more accurate and if it works I’ll be getting the L.E. Wilson dies for my 6mm br. I think it’s time to try to up my game and get back in the number one spot at Reese Bottom. I also may be adding some new powder scales later to get a little more accuracy on my powder charges as well.

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      Wynne Echols

      Congratulations on the new purchases, Surrell. Happy to report that I left the .223 with Britt last week for a new barrel job. Planning on trying to shoot some 90 grains this coming year. The barrel is a 1.250 straight Brux in a 1 X 6.5 twist and we are going to finish it at 30″. Looking forward to a very exciting year at Reese Bottom. WWE

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      brett collins

      dang with all this going on i will be looking forward to getting my switch barrel
      284/6BR up and running

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      Richard Slaton

      Before I retired I made a adaptor so I could use a Wilson 6br seater die to load the BrX I don’t have a arbor press I use a bench top drill press works pretty good
      With all yall stepping it up I guess y’all going to run off and leave me 🤔

Viewing 3 reply threads
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