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      I’m waiting on my new 6br and was just wondering what powder and bullet all of you are shooting in your 6br barrel is a 1 in 8 twist.

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      brett collins

      hey SURRELL my load is varget pushing a berger 105 hybrid.

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      Al Barr

      Varget, Berger 105 VLD, CCI 450, .010 into lands

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      Varget 30.2 grains, 105 Berger Hybrids, 450 primers. Also likes 30.6 of RL 15.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Berger 105 Hybrid, 30.3 grains of Varget, BR4 primers, .010 into the lands

      Some other pet loads I have found is Sierra 107 BTHP, 29.4 grains of Reloader 15, BR-4 primer, .010 into the lands

      and the last one is Berger 105 Hybrid, 28.6 grains of XBR 8208, BR-4 primers, .010 into the lands

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      The sierra’s run a bit slow but there’s most likely a higher node I haven’t got to yet, but a 10 shot group at 100 is a ragged hole. They are running 2780fps

      The other loads are running in the very low 2900 range out of a 29″ barrel

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      Wynne Echols

      Someone, please tell us the results from Gabriel Creek this past Saturday. WWE

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