My Nightforce scopes are remounted.

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      I had to send both back for a check up at Nightforce and they returned both back with a report of no repairs needed. I’m hoping some kind of repairs were made and both the 6BR and 308 are sighted in with my elevation and windage working at a 100 yards. I will zero both at a later date at 200 yards and just hoping I will not have any more problems at 600-1000 yards with the windage. I may be looking at something different as far as a scope if I still start having problems again.

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      Wynne Echols

      Is there any chance of operator error? lol. Sniper, I have had my rig apart and hopefully cleaned and ready to go. I’m suggesting we have a target at 100 yards for a quick shot or two. The sun has forgotten how to shine at Reese Bottom so it will be extremely wet Saturday, but maybe things will be a go. WWE

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      Mr Wynne I think you need to just pave the parking lot at Reese Bottom and problem solved……

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      Daryl White

      Wynne, I plan on being there Saturday unless the event gets rained out! Just let me know if I need to bring my mud boat to check Targets! Found a busted rear-top scope mount (Nightforce level) 2 or 3 months back on my rig. Did harvest the ferrel swine I was after but it did surprise me that the top mount was busted – from the top mount screw. Replaced the top rear scope level with the original top scope mount. It wasn’t noticeable and makes me wonder how long it was busted? Now Surrell, that’s an excuse! See y’all Saturday if conditions warrant! Anyone heard how Brett is doing?

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      Larry Linneman

      Surrell when I went to the nra convention last year I was talking to them about me running out of elevation at 1000 they told me that the 12x42x56 br scopes only have 40 moa total . I had to shim mine even with a 20 moa base to shoot 1000 yards and now I can’t zero at 100

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      Larry I can make a 1000 with only a few clicks left, my problem is once I get there my windage is not adjusting. I’m thinking like Britt is saying when I top out the adjustment it’s not letting the windage move as it should. I’ve tried some different way of adjusting and it still was not moving as it should, so I sent them back for testing and repairs if needed and Nightforce said on return paper work “No Problems Found” so we’ll see if the problem is still there when I shoot the 1000 again. I’m looking at some new glass at the moment with more adjustment just have to make up my mind on which one to get.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, I have heard it mentioned that rifle scopes were never intended to function well near the edges. Might try a rail with more moa, but like someone mentioned above you will not be able to shoot the shorter distances. A fellow shooting a 1000 yards does not need to be fooling around these shorter distances any ways. WWE

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