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      Who all’s ready for Saturday to be here? I know I am and I’ve not fired a shot sense the 1000 yard fun day and I’m ready to get behind my 308. This week is dragging by so slow I was even thinking today was Thursday and when I found out it was Wednesday I was shocked. But anyway I guess I’ll live and I’m so ready to get this year started. Work is going to interfere with my shooting this year. I’ll just have to try and see how it all works out, I got put on the on call list. We have a list that never gives us the same week in month to be on call. This month I have the forth week next month I’ll have a different week. I’ve went to Reese Bottom before on call and shot in the first relay and had to leave, maybe it will all work out this year. With that being said my job will have to come first and Reese Bottom will be second on my list.

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      Kenneth Thomas

      Hey Surrell, have the stove fired up, it’s going to be cold first thing Saturday morning. Looking forward to it, been a long week.

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      Wynne Echols

      It is now 7:40 pm on Thursday February 13, 2020 and the cell doors have been locked and barred. There are 28 good shooters locked up inside. Should be a great match. 10-Open Bipod, 10-Mechanical front rest, and 8-Ftr[all .308’s] Remember that the match will be four/five shot targets all at 600 yards and will be scored and measured by the Shotmarker E-target system. Both the Open and FTR division winners will be determined by score only. We will capture the group sizes also to post and also use as the tie breaker. Shooters in these two divisions will get to look at the monitor the whole time. In other words this will be very similar to a prone match, just shot at a smaller target. We ask the good shooters to pay close attention to how this works. If you like it we can do it again, if not, we can do things differently next time. The mechanical division winner will be determined as always, group and score, and the monitor will be removed during record fire. This match will take a while to complete. 28 good shooters and I mentioned a while back that I plan to slow things up a little. We will monitor this closely and do the best we can with time. We have a new clock which should be interesting. I think the more that everyone gets involved the quicker the time will pass.

      Remember that we are serving breakfast, with coffee, and a HB lunch. Steve Gilley is bring deer sausage for breakfast.

      We have new Comfort Colors T-Shirts for sale. $15 each and we have some big ones. See photo.

      Think the rain is out of here but will still be wet. See ya Saturday. WWE

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