Lets get a 4 or 5 man team to shoot the 1000 af Bar3.

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      Next month lets talk about taking a team of shooters to Bar3 and shoot the 1000 yard F-Class take some FTR shooters and some F Open shooters just to show how well we shoot and that we can work together. Lets talk and see what we can come up with.

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      If I was home, I sure would go, but got to work unfortunately

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, what is the date of this match? This sounds interesting but I have lots of family coming for Thanksgiving and are planning to stay a few day to deer hunt. WWE

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      November 11th is the last 1000 F-Class match showing for the year at Bar3, lets see some Reese Bottom shooters go win this match. I’m trying my best to be there even if I have to make the drive by myself like last month.

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      I would be honored to be on a team, I think it would be fun, also could learn a lot helping each other being part of a team. I have not shot the 1000 yet but if there is room for a team member, you can count me in.

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      Kenneth the way you been shooting you would do well at a 1000, we can we all can wear our Reese Bottom tee-shirts and show those people how we do it. I’m not sure if we would all be on the same relay but I think all the FTR shooters shoot and score together. Bar3 has one more 1000 yard match planed for this year so lets see what we can do. I have a training class in Nashville next week but will be back before the match.

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