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      Well it has happen I have been using the same Lapua Palma brass all year and just had my first failure. I was prepping my shot brass from Gabriel Creek and found one that has a crack in the neck, this is the brass that has been fired from day one testing loads and shooting all the matches this year. I also still have 21 in my loaded box of 100 that’s has not even been fired, not even once. I’m looking at next year rotating all my brass to make sure it has even firings on each piece and will start with a new box of brass or have two boxes and use one in bench rest matches and one in the F-Class matches. I can say this has got to be the best of the best brass made, I have only trimmed it once and never annealed the batch of 100.

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      Richard Slaton

      Surrell I started with a new box of Lapua 6 Br. brass I lost 3 fire forming to make the 6BrX the remaining 97 has after Saturday’s match has Two full house loads + the fire form load for total of 3. Like you I’m going to try and rotate and keep track of the number of firings
      I did not do this with the Lapua 6.5 x284 but I’ve never lost one of these

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