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      Gabriel Creek will be getting started up February 25 all shooting will be same as last year but Tie Breakers will be at 500 yards only this year. Chase and I have a lot of work to do this year trying to improve the rails at 200,300 and 400 yards work will be slow but we will get it done. We did have some targets that was hit with a solid hit but never fell last year, this year if you get a good hit on the target and it does not fall you will get the score so feel free to ride down when we reset targets to see your hit this does not include the Tie Breaker targets you must have a direct hit and they must leave the rail to get a score same as last year. The tie breaker target size is 6 1/2″ tall and 4 1/2″ wide not that easy to hit but not impossible we have had as many as 5 hit by Steve Gilley to set the record on the tie breaker hits. There will be 20 record shots plus 5 tie breaker shots in case of a tie on the tie breaker targets we will shoot another tie breaker until we have a first, second and third place winner cash prize will depend on the number of shooters in the match. We have made a lot of SAFETY CHANGES at the match so if you see something UNSAFE please fill free to call the firing line COLD until it’s safe to begin firing again I’m hoping to see a bigger turn out this year.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Surrell, excited about the matches this year. Win, Lose or Draw its alot of fun. Ive been trying to recruit more shooters during the off season so we can have some good turnouts. Are you still going for $25/per shooter? Startup times still the same? Are we using the standard targets or the smaller targets?

      Just a few questions some people had ask me. If all goes well I will see you all this weekend at Reese Bottom. Gotta get some rounds loaded for me and the Mrs’s.

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