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      May 28th we will be shooting a match at the hunting club in Moundville Alabama.Shooting Chickens at 200,Pigs at 300,Turkeys at 400 and Rams at 500 yards.We will be able to shoot two guns but not the same gun twice no guns larger than 300win mag prize money depends on the amount of guns shooting.IF we can get 40 guns shooting at $25.00 per gun first place will pay $500.00 second $200 and third $100.00 this pay out is ONLY if we get the 40 guns at $25.00.I would like to see everyone come out and shoot there will be no food or drinks so you will need to bring your own.Shooting will start at 0900 so you need to be on site by 0800 to get your name on the score board and get some range time in before the match.Remember Pay Out is not Guaranteed without 40 guns shooting at $25.00 per gun.

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      brett collins

      MR SURRELL how many rounds will we need to load up for this?

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      You will shoot 20 targets all targets must fall to get that score per target plus the tie breaker round.I always take 100 per gun who knows what could happen in the tie breaker round but I have never shot a 100 in this match.

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      I plan on coming and have talked to several who said they would go. I had planned to go to Tullahoma for the regionals but my wife flies out for Michigan on the 1st so I need to stay local!

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, sounds like fun. The Mrs. reminds me that this is a holiday weekend and she wants to go to the beach. We will see who wins. WWE

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      Too bad there is not a range near the beach. That would up your odds of getting to shoot that weekend Wynne!

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      Jeff Fish

      Beaches are overrated. Sand gets in everything and is there for life. Now the mountains on the other hand, well that is a different story all together.

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      I am bringing 5 from our 4H program. They will be 16/17 years old but never shot long range. They will be shooting Johnny’s , JJ’s, and my rifles. Brynn, Johnny, and myself are coming. Mark may come. This will make 8 or 9 shooters from down here. Hopefully we can reach the 40 goal.

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      Sounds good Steve I have heard form a lot of people saying they were coming to shoot we may reach the 40 mark plus some.We at the club have been doing a lot of work rebuilt the two big benches cutting grass and weed eating.

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      Shooting Match May 28th is at Gabriel Creek Hunting Club on David Campbell Road…… GPS 32 54′ 11″N—-87 37′ 1″ W David Campbell Road is across from Epps Family Grocery on Hwy 69 south of Moundville Alabama.

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