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      We are shooting steel at Gabriel Creek this weekend so come on out and join us……
      Shooting all steel targets.
      5 shots at 200
      5 shots at 300
      5 shots at 400
      5 shots at 5oo
      The tie breaker will be 10 shots
      on two different size targets at 500 yards.
      Bipod and rear bag only.
      No mechanical rest.
      Cash pay out we pay 1st 2nd and 3rd only
      you can shoot a 6br or up to a 300wm.

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      Winners at Gabriel Creek today.
      Richard 1st place
      Kenneth 2nd place
      Good shooting from all the shooters today.

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      Wynne Echols

      Good shooting fellows. I am impressed with Mr Richard’s shooting with the hand gun, esp. after reading his post about getting started shooting. That is kinda saying, “I want to do this” and then going out and getting it done. Good to also see Mr. Thomas shooting very well where ever he goes. Good going. WWE

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      Thanks Surrell and Mr. Wynne, I just tell them all, I’m from Reese Bottom. It’t where I got started in this sport and with a great bunch of guys. I try to talk it up as much as possible especial to young and new shooters.

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      Richard Slaton

      Thank you Mr. Wynne you kinda hit the nail on the head. I’ve battled heart problems since the age of 5 being told by doctors and other I could NOT DO THAT I’ve spent the last 59 years proving them wrong LOL. Surrell opened a door for me this year to enjoy life to the fullest I’m hoping that maybe that same door will be open @ Reese bottom. Thanks for all the support

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