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      First place: Wynne Echols
      Second place: Ron Lewis
      Third place: Gene Jemison
      Great job guys if the names are spelled wrong blame it on Ron Lewis we had 30 shooters and 12 made it to the tie breaker round with MR Wynne winning the second tie breaker round at 575 yards.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, thanks, you guys put on a great match today. It sure was nice and relaxing shooting at your place. We got quite a few good photos today so check out the ‘home’ page and the ‘photo’ page. One thing that caught my attention today is how well these rifles shoot. Most all problems are with the shooter, not the rifle. It is amazing that 12 out of 30 made the shoot off, but another 4 or 5 would have made it had it not been for shooter error. I know that I heard of two misses on the first target at a distance because the turrets were not changed and at least two more shot target on the wrong side of the course. I vote that all of us good shooters be granted a fairy that can remind us all of what we need to do, after the mess that I made last week at Reese Bottom.

      You mentioned above that 12 shooters made the round one tie breaker. Let’s tell what it was. Each shooter was given five 4 X 6 inch plates at 500 yards. Several hit 3 of 5 and two hit 4 of 5. The two with four hits shot off for 1st and 2nd and all the three hits shot off for third. The target was an official IBS 1000 yard target at approx 575 yards with what was measured as a 50 MPH cross wind[just kidding]

      Thanks again, and tell Jeff thanks for the sausage dogs. WWE

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      Ron Williams

      I had a great time it feels good to get back into the game again. Congrats Wynne on the win, looking forward to shooting at Reese Bottom soon!!

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      Wynne Echols

      Ron, enjoyed seeing you yesterday and look forward to your first trip to Reese Bottom. Keep us post as to how your shooting is going. Hope you like the photo. WWE

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      Really enjoyed the match although I screwed up on first pull of trigger (shot wrong turkey)!! Enjoyed coaching the 4H boys to the shoot off. They are now hooked and had a blast. Thanks for a really good match Surell.

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      Thank you Steve and everyone else that came and shot in the match Steve you done a great job coaching the 4H shooters I hope you all can make the next one.I talked to JJ after I got home he was happy his rifle shot very well and said he would like to try to shoot next time all I can say is them guys from (LA) Lower Alabama sure can shoot.

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      The match was a lot of fun, first time shooting high power rifle silhouette’s, seeing falling steel gives instant self gratification, look forward to doing it again, and having the right DOP for the shoot-off!

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