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      We are having our last match at Gabriel Creek this Saturday and food will served from the Grill master Jeff Trucker. We will be shooting all steel 200,300,400 and 500 yards plus the tie breaker round so lets plan on being there and different people are bringing food to cook and eat, if you would like to bring something to eat or cook we are making a list.

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      We had a great match Saturday 10/22/2016 17 shooters with 13 in the shoot off.
      The winners are Lauren Morgan 1st Sarah Mitchell 2nd Chase Morgan 3rd and yes Sarah beat Ben again…… A big thank you to all the people who came out and shot the match with us Brett Collins, Jeff Fish, Kenneth Thomas, Don Lewis, Jeremy Wood, Daniel Wood, Ben Mitchell, Jeff Tucker, Kevin Baird, Johnnie Jones, Mr. Hughes, Donnie Mckemie, Mike and my self shooting. The day stared out good with very little wind and when we got to the tie breaker round the wind had already started to do it’s thing making it hard to hit the tie breaker targets at 500 yards, the winners made some very good wind calls Lauren hit 4 of 5 Sarah 3 of 5 and Chase 2 of 5……

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, thanks for posting the results from the match at Gabriel Creek yesterday. Looks like a good turn out. Way to go Lauren and Sarah. Good shooting. WWE

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      brett collins

      SURRELL no wonder I could not hit anything you told me it was 550 yards LOL

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      Brett where were you we changed it? Ben could not see all the targets at 550 so we move it to 500 and shot two shooters at a time. They could have been at 50 yards and I would have missed…… It was all fun and good food to eat, we start back in February and hope by then we have some new rails installed.

      Brett what do you think about a 600 yard bench rest match at Gabriel Creek next year?

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      brett collins

      that sounds fun count me in

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