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      The Gabriel Creek Match is in the books with Ben Mitchell 1st Jeff Tucker 2nd and Melissa Harrell 3rd with 23 shooters total we all had a great day shooting. I did make some changes to our targets at 200 and 500 yards the 200 yard targets are 8 1/2″ wide and 11″ tall and the 500 yard targets are 10″ wide and 13 1/2 tall IPSC style. The targets at 500 prove to be a challenge, Brett Collins and myself done a hit and spin on one target each and with the target not leaving the rail we both scored a miss and that put us both out of the shoot off round. We had only 4 shooters in the shoot off and I think we can say the new set up on the targets makes it a hole lot more challenging at 500 yards, this is compared to the last match with 23 shooters and 11 in the shoot off.

      Thanks to all the shooters that came out and shot the match and we are trying to get these steel shooters to come to Reese Bottom and shoot some paper.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, thanks for the report and congrats to all of the winners. Sounds like ‘Champion Sniper’ shrunk the targets a little. Good job, WWE

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Had a Great Time Surrell! See you next month

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      Al Barr

      Fun match; sorry that I couldn’t be there.

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