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      We had 23 shooters young and old some first timers and some of us old timers 11 made it to the shoot off at 525 yards with Steve Gilley hitting 5 of 5 new record on the tie breakers.Here are the winners MR Steve 1st 5 of 5 MR Al 2nd 3 of 5 and we had 3 shooters hit 2 so they went on to a second tie breaker and MR Ron Lewis hit 3 of 5 for a 3rd place finish.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, thanks for the report. Now there are a lot of familiar names on that list. Congratulations guys on the great shooting. Great turn out and thanks Master Sniper for hosting such a fun event. WWE

      ps. Al, Reese Bottom will allow you to use that mechanical rest.

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      Al Barr

      The folks there were very nice. They all knew the “drill” and had the proper gear. Thankfully, everyone was generous with their front bags to help out the dummy with the bench rest rifle.

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      Al everyone helps the same as people do at Reese Bottom just happy you came and shot with us.We had some first time shooters that fell right in place with the people that has been to Gabriel Creek before it’s just a easy place to shoot and a place to enjoy the day.

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