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      Which will be the most accurate?Looking at FPS and BC I know both are important but would one go for more FPS with less BC or more BC with less FPS?My rifle will shoot the 155 Palma and the Berger 185’s just thinking about trying some different style 155’s maybe 168’s Berger’s or just work more on my load to better my groups.

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      Wynne Echols

      Master Sniper, not sure how to answer this one. I think that all companies make good products. If not, the lack of sales would force them to do things differently. Some do produce products that might out preform others, but the shooter must test to see what their rifle shoots better. For instance, jumping vs. jamming could determine which bullet out preforms. As for the FPS, in this heat, the shooter is somewhat limited as to how fast they might get the bullet to run. Bolt lift will tell you. I have read where shooters, during load development, will increase the powder charge a .1 at the time until the bolt will not open and then know that their max. charge will be somewhere under that charge. I would suggest to always start low and work up to avoid chance of injury. I do enjoy your input and long for the day that others do the same. Good luck!!! WWE

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      Al Barr

      Wynne, I’d get under one them concrete tables, reach up and touch off that one that won’t let the bolt open.😎

      You might talk me into one that has a flattened primer almost all the way out to the edge of the primer pocket, but not cratered around the firing pin strike.

      This time a year; I load to one node below the highest accuracy node because at times my old brain forgets that baking the cartridge in a hot chamber too long spikes the pressure as well as gives me uncalled vertical.

      In answer to Surrell’s question, I’m going with shoot the most bc that gives best accuracy, AND that the shooter can put up with the recoil for a 60 round match. Recoil might not matter much to younger, tougher shooters; but it really starts to work on this old guy.

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      Thanks for the input guys I’ll let this one hang here a little longer to see if someone else might kick me some good information when I get several voices on this I will try to put something together.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      I am going to play the opposite side of this one for a min. I know the question was FPS or BC but what about SD/ES for accuracy?

      I have been experimenting with a Doppler and as you shoot it calculates Standard Deviation and Extreme Spread. If one can manage to get the ES below 20 and the SD down into single digits it typically produces a tight group (I know there are some wildcards). Just thinking about it, this is showing you the “node” in the rifle as to where it likes to behave the same every time and it also shows you just how “consistent” your reloading skills are. If all the variables are the same, and the bullet is traveling the same speed, it doesn’t have much choice but to be accurate and repeat itself.

      As far as BC is concerned I think about it like this, Higher is better but you have to use some restraint based on your target type and distance. BC is a limited by FPS and Spin.

      One last thought. If you shoot 2 bullets, one with a low BC but you shoot it really fast and the second one with a high BC and a slower fps then at some point the slower bullet will catch the faster bullet because of drag 🙂 At what distance they catch each other depends on the fps and BC difference is. So run a chart on both and use the most appropriate for the distance you are trying to shoot

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      Hey y’all sure do know how to confuse a country boy. I had also thought about the 155’s but my gun is way out shooting me with a pretty good combo. It’s like my daddy told me one time working on my bike “if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it” I think I just need trigger time with what I have.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      I guess what I was trying to say in not so many words was this:

      FPS beats BC at short range
      BC beats FPS at long range

      🙂 just my 2 cents which is only worth about 1.

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      Al Barr

      The load for your rifle that is accurate (holds the best vertical), not on the ragged edge pressure wise, and consistently reloaded to the best of your ability, is your best load.

      After that, trigger time and wind skills, IMHO, are what separates one rom the pack.

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