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      Who’s going to try to shoot the 1000 yard F-Class this Saturday? I will be back from Nashville on Friday and Chase will be there and so will I, I think they are cooking fish for the last match of the year.

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      Richard Slaton

      Safe trip and have fun, make us proud

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      Al Barr

      Buddy Webb sent me a photo of five good shooters from Reese Bottom lined up at the 1000 yard match in the Free State of Jones. They were already alibing about the wind howling. I taught them well! 😈

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      MR. Al we all shot very well and I wish you could have made the match. Chase won first in FTR.

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      Al Barr

      Nothing makes me happier than my Reese Bottom cohorts shooting well and having fun!

      Congratulations Chase!

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      MR. Al I don’t know the scores on all his relays but I do know he shot a 197 in his last relay with his 308 in FTR…… Chase shot very well, I’m proud of the way he has been shooting at Bar3.

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      Wynne Echols

      Proud of Chase Morgan and his F-T-R win today at the 1000 yard prone match held today at the Bar3 range in Laurel, MS. Someone please post some scores. Click the photo to enlarge. Also, see home page. WWE

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      I shot a 563 7X and I think Chase shot a 574 but not sure of his X count. I’ll let the others chime in and post their scores.

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      Ok Surrell I’m chiming in, it was my first 1000 F class and I did enjoy,was definitely different and the winds were not helping either, but I can say I did shoot at a 1000 and LOL sometimes I hit it. Congrats to Chase, ya done well

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