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      This was my first time to shoot a F-Class match with my new rifle and it was like a difference between a stick shift and a automatic with the new stock.
      First relay I shot a 198, I know I push 1 shot for a 9 trying to find my trigger and pulled another 9 by putting to much pressure on the grip.
      Second relay I shot my first 200, after thinking about what happen in relay 1 I payed more attention to my hand position on the stock and kelp my finger at the trigger and it all came together.
      Third relay I shot a 197 having some problems seeing through the scope with the sun over the top of us. The three 9’s I shot in this relay was from not watching the wind on all 20 scoring shots, with the sun and the wind problems I still ended with a good score.
      I did shoot a total of 595 tying my highest score from a couple of years back, all in all I would say this was my best ever F-Class match to date.
      I’m also thinking the 200gr sierra product # 2231 will be my go to bullet for my new rifle with the F-Class chamber, it did shoot well for me on Saturday.

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