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      OTM Tactical had some 6br brass in stock a few days ago if anyone is trying to find, I did order me a 100. I had a problem with the Norma brass Saturday, I fired two rounds and the brass head showed pressure buy the primer looked great with Varget. I loaded 20 with RL15 and fired all 20 with no pressure with the same powder charge. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with Norma brass?

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Havent used the norma brass yet in 6BR. I use the norma brass in 6XC and haven’t experienced any issues yet.

      What charge are you running?

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      brett collins

      BENJAMIN 6xc? tell us more inquiring minds need to know

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      Wynne Echols

      From all that I read and see, you will not find many if any shooters complaining about Lapua brass. The Norma that I have ever dealt with was somewhat shorter than Lapua. Does that matter, not sure. The dasher is currently shooting a light load of Varget in Norma brass. Go figure. WWE

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      My Lapua brass came in now waiting on the Berger VLD Bullets to work up the record breaking load. I’ve heard the Norma was a softer brass and I found out myself it to be true so I’ll have to do a restart on load testing. I’ll not have time to work on load testing before surgery so all the time off work I’m hoping to get it done after I get ok from the doctor. The loads I loaded with RL15 at 2800 FSP shot ok but not what I need to shoot in a match and hoping the Lapua brass and Berger VLD’s will do the trick.

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